I don’t know how to put these into words; as I write this piece I have seen how impatient people are? I then ask myself what is happening to the human race? I then came to realise that we as the human race we lack the love that our Creator bestowed on us when he created us! I like to talk more about “LOVE” cause I think is one thing that we lack and we take it for granted, these days we categorise one another by colour/race but in the eyes of God we are human being! I then came to the conclusion that if we as human beings don’t acknowledge GOD and follow His teaching we are actually going nowhere, so I say when was the last time you helped somebody looking for help, without passing some judgement?


About rottlm

What I know I taught myself, I am hard working and dedicated to what I set my sight on. I like to start and finish everything I am tasked with.
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