For many are called, but few are chosen. Everything is possible for him who believes. Be patient and you will finally win, for a soft tongue can break hard bones.


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Every person is created by God, out of His heart of love. God created man to worship Him, and to bring Him glory!

You are God’s own, created by Him, loved by Him, chosen by Him and called by Him. Each day you live in God’s care, for not only does God watch over you every minute of the day, but also blesses everything that you do. His care for each person He has created is not in doubt, for His plan and purpose for each one was formed in His Father heart, even at the moment of creation.

You are unique, there is no one else like you in the whole world. As an individual, made in God’s image, you are meant for great things! When you come to Christ he restores his original plan for your life. His plans include where you will live, what work you will do, who you will meet and what you will do with your gifts and talents. He calls to you and tells you that He has sent Jesus, His son, to save you, to rescue you from the wasted life that has been spent apart from Him.

You are here because God wanted you here. He wants you to make a difference to the world He placed you in. He wants you to share His love with others. Once you have accepted that God really loves you, your heart will be changed, and you will be able to love others with a true and faithful love.

May the love of God fill your heart and enable you to do what you were created for, to love God, share Him with others, and leave the world and eternity better because you were here.

I write this message because of what has happened here in my country (South Africa). I am ashamed of what is happening and I ask myself questions, yet I don’t have answers for them. What are we really teaching our children? What legacy are we leaving behind? Because when you look at the state right now, we are a country in civil war. Why are we killing one another? Is because someone is not from South Africa? What are our leaders doing about these attacks on other humans? So many questions, yet no answers!

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As we start the festive season, I write this blog a concerned individual as bad things happened around these time? I know it is a jolly season and all that, but that doesn’t mean we should be reckless/careless on our roads. I mean how many accidents we have seen cause of the abuse of alcohol? Yet we don’t take precautions. Before you step into your car ask yourself this question; am I fit to drive? remember on the road you are not only driving your car but the other cars as well. So my plea to people that will be travelling, take care on the roads and let us have a jolly festive season!

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I don’t know how to put these into words; as I write this piece I have seen how impatient people are? I then ask myself what is happening to the human race? I then came to realise that we as the human race we lack the love that our Creator bestowed on us when he created us! I like to talk more about “LOVE” cause I think is one thing that we lack and we take it for granted, these days we categorise one another by colour/race but in the eyes of God we are human being! I then came to the conclusion that if we as human beings don’t acknowledge GOD and follow His teaching we are actually going nowhere, so I say when was the last time you helped somebody looking for help, without passing some judgement?

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I challenge you to take a few minutes to be still before the Lord today. That’s right – do not talk. Don’t move a muscle (but don’t fall asleep either). Simply get still and quite at His feet. Many times, our biggest struggle is that we are so busy talking to Him that we aren’t learning anything from Him. Just like a disruptive child in a classroom, when we all the talking the Teacher cannot teach us! Hence I say to you, be still and listen to Him.

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I have being doing these research about how to develop a high-performance organisation? And I have realised that we spend most time developing leaders and rely on them to run our organisations. And we negate the people that those leaders we create will be working with. By creating leaders we sometimes diminish others, by creating leaders, we create followers and we sometimes don’t get it right in terms of balance!

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Explore Longform with Writing 201

The Blog

We often think of blog posts as being just a few paragraphs long, or being a “less serious” kind of writing. Not so! In this challenge, we’ll focus on writing longform pieces that are equally at home on your blog or in a magazine. Whether you have trouble organizing your thoughts in longer pieces of writing or simply want to challenge yourself as a blogger, Writing 201: Beyond the Blog Post can help.

What is Writing 201: Beyond the Blog Post?

Writing 201: Beyond the Blog Post is a four-week course to help those beginning to explore longform writing (or who are frustrated with their past attempts). Each week, we’ll focus on a different kind of piece, working our way from interviews — one of the easiest ways to get started with longer pieces — through instructional pieces and opinion pieces, ending with a personal essay. It’s the product of a range of writers…

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